Avoid Breakdowns and Secure Your Work Environment—Safety Tips for Operating Pressure Vessels

4 August 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Large volume pressure vessels are extremely important components of a variety of manufacturing contexts, but their installation creates a new set of responsibilities that a business owner must take care of. When you store large quantities of material under pressure, you're introducing an element of risk that can thankfully be minimized if your employees take special care to follow some basic safety procedures.

Below, you'll find a guide to some of those procedures and some suggestions for maintaining a safe work environment around pressure vessels. Keeping these tips in mind should allow your work flow to remain uninterrupted, and should create a culture of safety which will guarantee productivity and security for years to come.

Maximize Awareness

It's probably impossible to maintain a safe working environment if you have an inadequate understanding of the dangers inherent in your environment. For that reason, it's important that your employees receive a full briefing on the contents of each pressure vessel, as well as training that covers what to do in the event of a breach.

If the people who work around the vessels are aware of their contents, it's likely that they'll be more willing to take their safety responsibilities seriously. Maximizing awareness isn't about introducing fear, but rather about grabbing and holding attention in such a way that stability will be guaranteed.

Install Safety Equipment

While it's important to conserve costs in some areas of business operations, it's equally important to make sure that those cost cutting measures don't interfere with a secure work environment. Optional safety equipment may seem like it's above and beyond your requirements as a business operator, but it's impossible to put a price on the damage that can be caused during a failure.

Installing additional pressure gauges, warning alarms, and proper signage will all go a long way toward identifying the work flow of your pressure vessel system and alerting people in the area of potential risks. Going above and beyond your responsibilities is the right choice for a business owner who wants to take their safety responsibilities as seriously as possible.

Be Proactive With Maintenance

Following a strict maintenance schedule with your pressure vessels is the best way to make sure your operation continues to run safely and smoothly. It's often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and following the manufacturer's suggestions in terms of pressure vessel maintenance is exactly the kind of preventative measure that will save you pounds and pounds of trouble in exchange for very few ounces of effort.

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