Four Common Repair Issues With Overhead Doors

1 July 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Your garage door opener is probably something that you take for granted. You just expect it to work whenever you hit the button or flip the switch. However, a problem with your overhead door can leave you stranded out in the elements or, just as bad, trapped with your vehicle inside of your garage. Knowing the more common issues and when you should call a professional of garage doors in Winnipeg can go a long way toward keeping your door running smoothly.

What can go wrong with your overhead garage door

1. Your door won't open or close all of the way. A garage door that sticks or won't go all of the way up or down can be the result of a number of issues. It could be as simple as your needing a new battery in your remote control device. This type of problem can also be caused by a faulty sensor that is telling the door that it's closed or open when it really isn't. Or, it could be the result of an electrical problem, where not enough power is getting to the door. If changing the battery doesn't solve the problem, it's time to call in the professionals.

2. Your door is making loud noises. An extremely noisy door is usually caused by dirt or debris that has become wedged in the track and is hampering the door's operation. The excess noise can also be a sign that the door's tracks and hardware need lubrication. Try wiping down the track and spraying a little lubricant along the track.

3. Your door shakes when it descends. A door that shakes from side to side when it goes down likely needs new springs. Replacing the springs on your door is not a good DIY project as these springs are under extreme tension and can be a hazard to someone without the right training and tools; call in a professional.

4. Your door doesn't operate at all. A door that won't operate at all can also be caused by several problems. It could be a faulty remote or a dead battery. It could be a problem with the power source, or it could be problem with the opener's motor.  If you've checked the plugs and the remote, but the door still isn't working, you'll need to have a technician look at the door.

Your garage door isn't something that you want to be out of order for very long. Knowing some common problems and which you can fix yourself can help you keep your door running smoothly. This knowledge can also give you a heads-up to when you need to call in the professionals, so you don't waste the time and effort trying to fix a major issue yourself.