Tabletop Ordering Software Can Take Your Restaurant To The Next Level

9 April 2015
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Excellent customer service, impeccable cuisine and fast service are just a few of the elements that most restaurant owners want to offer their customers. Your own goals for your restaurant probably aren't too different from this list. Did you know that there is technology that can help you accomplish these goals? Tabletop ordering software systems serve as a central command center for your patrons to get exactly what they want in as little of an amount of time as possible.

What is Tabletop Ordering?

In the simplest of terms, tabletop ordering systems are central command centers. These devices are reminiscent of a smartphone or tablet that can be bolted down to each table in your restaurant. Using touchscreen technology, each patron will have the ability to scan through the menu, place their order, make requests and even pay for their order.

This type of access frees up a significant amount of your wait staff's time so that they can focus on fulfilling food and drink orders as quickly as possible. Since these systems are customizable, you have the ability to add or remove functions based on the specific needs of your restaurant.


The benefits of this type of system are plentiful, here are just a couple of them.

Personalized Service

Each customer is different. Some customers like their server at their table routinely throughout their meal, and other customers only want to see their server if they need them. A tabletop ordering system allows your customers to personalize their own dining experience.

Since these units have call buttons, each customer can call their server as frequently or infrequently as they desire, allowing your servers to focus on those customers who have an actual need. The tabletop system gives your customers the wheel and allows them to direct their own experience.

Faster Service

One of the primary benefits of this type of system is faster service. On a busy day, a server could easily take an order but fill drink orders and check on several customers before actually taking the order to the kitchen. The longer it takes for the kitchen to receive the order, the longer the customer has to wait.

With tabletop ordering, orders go directly from the customer to the kitchen. This ensures your customers get their orders faster, allowing you to turnover tables faster and increase your profit potential.

Tabletop ordering software systems can help your business operate more efficiently. Let technology lead your restaurant to the next level of success. For more information, contact a business such as Nella Cutlery Inc.