Most Common Questions Concerning Utilizing The Services Of An Automotive Machine Shop

13 January 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

When you are in the business of building and recreating cars, it is nearly impossible to have every tool in your repertoire that would allow you to create all of the specialty parts and pieces you need. Therefore, an automotive machine shop provides a valuable service that you will likely turn to many times in order to obtain the mechanical components and get certain auto parts altered that you need to complete a specific job. This highly specialized group of auto machine mechanics, serve dual duty as mechanical engineers that can work to create custom parts and tools, which is something you cannot find with the average machine shop. Here are a few of the top questions concerning auto machine shops and their services.

Can a machine shop alter parts you already have or must parts always be ordered new?

One of the greatest benefits of the modern machine shop is they can make use of old vehicle parts you already have on hand. For example, if you have a large crankshaft that needs to be bored to a larger opening, the existing part can be altered instead of having to invest in a replacement. 

How do you find the best automobile machine shop?

The easiest way to find the best auto machine shops is by paying attention to what other car people are saying. Get advice from other rebuilders as word of mouth is a good indicator of what you can expect when it comes to service. Determine professionalism by the appearance of the machine shops you visit by paying attention to organization and cleanliness. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that certain machinists are often more skilled in certain areas of service.

Is it possible for a machinist to come to you to assess the auto you are working on?

In the event you need the advice of a machinist about a specif part or vehicle, you can arrange for a professional to come to your garage and take a look in most cases. This is often more feasible than loading up an entire car and taking it to the professional machinist.

The auto machine shop in your neighborhood is a building that contains the keys to obtaining the automobile components and parts you need to get that car rebuilt, motor complete, or special tool created. When you understand a bit about how an auto machinist at places like Stamco Specialty Tool & Mfg Co (1979) Ltd can help you complete your projects, you may find that you need to pay one a visit on a more regular basis.